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We stopped by designer Satya Twena’s factory to talk millinery and the steps that go into creating the perfect hat.


Satya Twena

Current Location:

New York

5 words that describe you:

Quirky, Flirty, Feminine, Fun, Entrepreneurial

What drew you to millinery?

My husband always loved hats and I’d been a hat wearer since I was born. The shift happened when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her hair due to treatment. That’s when I had the courage to start my millinery business.

Why are HATS important to fashion?

They add character to any look; I believe hats inspire magic – they allow you to play, have fun and be whoever you want to be.

Most challenging part of running a factory?

Time! There’s so much to always be doing, cleaning, and managing! Luckily I have an amazing team (including my cousin, Malka!).

best piece of advice someone ever gave you?

Building a strong business requires a strong foundation – a strong foundation is made brick by brick.

Where can you be found on a Sunday afternoon?

In a park having a picnic.

What does style mean to you?

It means adventure! Having fun being who you want to be, today and every day.

Who are your style icons?

The women from the Henri de Toulouse Lautrec paintings, I love Clowenesse Cha-U-Kao.

Favorite color?

Emerald green

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Hopefully living between Paris + NYC + Ojai and having a blast.

Do you have any hobbies?

I meditate, love travelling, (and is eating considered a hobby? It is to me).

What’s your most treasured possession?

My Great Aunt’s gold ring that my Grandma (whom I never met) designed and made for her.

What’s next?

The packable, fashionable sun hat.