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Sasha, Deputy Fashion Director at Glamour Magazine, talks about being a mother and working in the fashion industry.


Sasha Iglehart

Current Location:

Glamour Magazine 4 Times Square

Where were you born?

Baltimore, Maryland


Fashion Editor

Favorite color?

Gray / Black / Blue

What was your very first job?

During college I interned at Interview which was where I caught the magazine bug. But my first paid job (aside from babysitting) was at a video production house compiling music videos for night clubs right after college.

What are you working on these days?

Going to shows for the fall issues. Heading to Europe soon to cover the European designers and go on appointments. And continuing to shoot stories and stills for the summer issues.

What does style mean to you?

Style is an effortless way of dressing that also expresses your personality.

Favorite trends of all time?

I love menswear...jackets, stripes, lace-ups, great button front shirts. Maybe a bit of nautical classics in there, but the proportions have to feel new not old!

Train or plane?

Love the train...but can't get me to see my son in LA fast enough or to the shows in Europe!

What is your idea of the perfect New York day?

Doing something for myself and enjoying the city. Museums, movies, running in a park...but right now I love to do things with my kids and expose them as much as possible to all there is to offer.

Biggest hope for your children?

I hope that they find a satisfying career that will keep them comfortable. And to always feel safe and loved.

Favorite city in the world?

Paris or Florence

What qualities do you require in a friend?

To be a good listener. Discretion. To enjoy the same conversations, movies, and views on parenthood as me.

What's inside your handbag right now?

Lip gloss, iPhone, keys, wallet, handkerchief, advil. I don't even carry a pencil anymore!

Do you collect anything?

Books––photography, movies, fashion, and art. And tee shirts...I have way to many of them!

What's the best piece of advice someone ever gave you?

2 things: to do what you can to come to a solution or compromise work and with your family. To listen and react.